The Calculus of Aging and Climate Change
The Calculus of Ageing
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The piece, ‘Calculus of Aging and Climate Change,’ is an effort to try to get us to think more of the whole picture instead of just separate instances or details as we continue to address aging and pollution. At first, I was going to exhibit the portraits separate from the environmental prints, but as I examined each more closely, I realized a link between the two. Both are fragile yet both have tremendous strength. As we age we become more fragile; as the earth’s systems deals with increased pollution, it becomes more fragile. Yet, the ecosystems and mathematical laws (such as the Fibonacci Sequence) that govern the earth reactions provide strength to deal pollution and the effects that humans have on the earth. At the same time, the vast experiences that people encounter as they change and age produces enormous strength. It is the combination of fragility and strength of aging in humans and fragility and strength in the earth’s systems as it deals with human pollution that I am exploring in ‘The Calculus of Aging and Climate-Change.
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